We custom design our strategy to involve the tactics you want at a price you can afford. Your return on investment is important to us, so we won’t waste time trying to talk you into a service that won’t benefit your practice.

We will sit down with you with a “menu” of our initial proposal, and spend time breaking down exactly what tactics you would like to look at before we come back with a final service offering.

All agreements start with a variable setup cost for researching the practice and creating/claiming the necessary accounts around the web.

Our smallest service offering comes with a monthly cost of $400/mo, but an average service package is roughly $2000/mo (not including the cost of the PPC campaigns). Plus, we won’t stick you with a contract, and we have never had a client who wasn’t happy with their return on investment. Ever.

A small plan may involve claiming and optimizing Google Maps, building a Twitter following while your office does the Tweeting, and monitoring the doctor and practice names on review sites and alerting the practice if there is a customer service need.

A large plan may involve alternate websites with phone tracking to monitor effectiveness, growing/managing mailing lists and “deal” management, intensive business intelligence to monitor and react what tactics your competitors are implementing, full scale content writing for your blog, social media, and guest posts on large, well-known news sites, and a robust PPC plan with ad testing and tracking. Really, anything involving the internet is something we can do more efficiently than your practice. You’re benefiting from a large pool of experts for the cost of an entry-level employee.