What is it Twitter?Twitter Services for Health Care Providers

Twitter is one of the social media “big three” – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. A service best described as a platform for people with shared interests to connect, and interact via short 140 character messages, tweets. These tweets or messages post to a writer’s profile where they appear across Twitter in the timeline of followers.

What is a Twitter Profile?

Your Twitter Profile introductions you to your potential Twitter audience. When establishing a twitter account, you will be asked several basic questions; name, web, location and bio. The answers to those 4 questions comprise your Twitter Profile Page. Completed, the Profile Page helps Twitter users learn about you by allowing an overview of your profile information and a library of your tweet history. An interesting, informative Profile Page will gain you more followers and an expanded audience. Reviewing other users’ Profile Pages give you an insight into other people’s interests which serves as a guide through the “Who should I Follow” maze.

What is a Twitter Timeline?

Found on the “Home” tab of the Twitter Main Menu, your Twitter timeline is where you find tweets from the Twitter users you follow, retweets by your followers, and your tweets. Interacting through retweeting a message, replying to a tweet and mentioning a tweeter through the use of “@(username)” will gain you quality followers and provide for an informative, interesting, and entertaining quality timeline.

Twitter also supply tools that can help you manage your timeline. Across the top of the frame you’ll find links to tweets that “mention” you, collections of retweeted messages by you and others, searches, and lists that include you and lists that you create. Here at a glance you can respond to a mention, thank a retweeter, save searches, and add lists that help organize your timeline.

Developing a Twitter Audience

Called “Followers” your twitter audience elects to subscribe to your tweets and those tweets will appear in their time line. Building followers is part of the art of twitter.

• First, be certain your profile is complete. If you appear uninteresting – you are uninteresting.

• Engage those you follow, retweet and @(username) when you share tweets. Everyone appreciates a pat on the back, and everyone wants one. If you comment and share on a regular basis, you will quickly gain followers that hope you will do the same for them.

• Take advantage of search. Hashtagging #(trend) will launch your tweet past your followers timeline and broadcast it to anyone searching #(trend) The hashtag makes you part of trending conversations, group tweet-ups, and other shared communications. When you are part of a hashtag discussion, be sure to engage outside of your time line, sharing your interest outside of your immediate audience will grow your audience.

• Lastly, be relevant. If you are a private feed – then your friends may be interested that you left your coffee mug at home again. If you are building a twitter following for a business, needing coffee, eating lunch a Che’ Che’ and making Happy Hour at The Watering Hole, is not the authoritative content clients and customers find valuable.

• Always, consider your audience.

Twitter is user driven. There is no secret to gain followers; be engaging, relevant, post regularly, and make good use of hashtags. Your efforts will reward you with a large, loyal, audience.