Even Benjamin Franklin understood it generations ago when he professed,Ben Franklin knew the value of Content

Content makes poor men rich…

Content is king when seeking improvements in traffic and leads. But the greatest, most relevant information on the web may go unheralded without proper structure. This article will explain page optimization, and how you should and shouldn’t do it.

What to Say

I hate to channel your Sophomore English teacher, but please make certain your piece is accurate, clearly written, grammatically correct and your own work. We all have mentors, recognize them as resources, if you are employing their principles – link back to them. Props are Professional. Googlebot has no respect for duplicate content, so reference if you want to rank.

And speaking of referencing, a great takeaway from an  SEOmoz training

  • Good Content Supplies a Demand
  • Good Content is Linkable

Supply and demand affects information and content that does the best job of supplying the largest demand is golden.  It can be a video, an image, a sound, or text, but it must supply a demand in order to be considered good content.Conversely, image slideshows, text on an image, or firewalled information  may reveal the answer to world hunger, but if people can’t link to it, search engines probably won’t rank it,  this type of content can’t drive traffic.

Golden Rule of Content per Rand Fishkin

Bad content does not supply a demand and/or it is not linkable. It is rampant all over the Internet and a waste of time and other precious resources.


In addition to providing relevant external links to reference materials, your page should possess internal links embracing your website’s design hierarchy.  Include link backs to:

How to Say It

Google provides Quality Guidelines within Webmaster Tools to assist with page optimization.  Gleaned from this information;

<title> tags and the page URL should reflect your subject matter

It may be necessary to edit blog URLs to include pertinent text.  Often blogging platforms may create the url with a date format.

Images should have ALT attributes that contain descriptive text related to the content subject.

Text is crawlable, adding ALT= to include a few words of descriptive text improves your page ranking.

Use Text to display important content.

As we learned and practice in the golden rule of content, text contained within an image is not crawlable and is not indexed.

Parting thoughts

Your website, your content is a communication tool.  It sells your products, it informs your customers, it educates your patients.  It is you in your public’s homes and offices.  So don’t use questionable practices that spammy, unsavory companies offer in the form of SEO shortcuts.  It is your reputation.

Quality web practices and great content build successful businesses.