SEOward NewslettersNewsletters are a unique communication vehicle and a great form of direct marketing. A good newsletter is not only an information or selling tool, it also incorporates a competition strategy. Keeping patients/clients interacting through a quality newsletter, improves your chances of retaining them.


With a newsletter campaign you can:

  • touch base with the occasional client/patient,
  • promote focused, specific information or event
  • target audience by specific interest
  • go viral – expand your base by allowing subscribers to share newsletters with friends.

SEOward can devise a monthly, quarterly, or occasional delivery schedule based on the needs of your practice. We will create an initial design of the newsletter and place your content in an attractive, branded, format that will keep your practice in the forefront.

If you would like to add a newsletter to your integrated marketing plan or discuss if direct marketing would be beneficial to your practice, call SEOward at 347.559.4802 or email us at