Have you noticed a change your SERP?

Local Search has assumed a position of priority in the ever changing Google algorithm which determines your practice’s page placement.  With over 20% of searches containing locality it is imperative to stake your claim (or claim your listing) to maintain an advantageous placement.

Where do I start?

First, remember

to keep your keywords and target in mind and claim your search engine pages by listing with the big 3 search engine locals.

  • Google Places supplies some rudimentary analytics and room for images & videos
  • Bing Local provides image and category opportunities
  • Yahoo Local offers a free listing; but charges a monthly fee for extras

Next, register your business with listing directories paying particular attention to pages appearing frequently in searches. Some popular, reoccurring pages of late are Yelp, Citysearch, and of particular interest to Healthcare providers, Vitals, Angie’s List and other User Generated Content sites.

What information is required in my Listing?

Obviously, these Local Search pages will provide the public with your address and contact information. But Local Search gives you the opportunity to utilize keywords in categories, business descriptions, even inventory (as the case with Google).  Your business will also gain backlinks to your website, which score SEO points within the Google page rank matrix.

As a Healthcare Provider, why is monitoring local search important to me?

It is important not to ignore the impact of Local Search, not only for improved search results for your practice. Local Search also provides a public platform to rate or grade your service.  Many practices continue to use Word Of Mouth as the primary catalyst to grow a practice.  A series of bad reviews can cripple the growth of your business, so it is imperative to monitor your PR.

Should I submit my information to a paid search directory?

Below is a list of Local Search Directories, many are free – some do charge a fee.  Personally, with the large number of free directories available, I see no advantage to paying for service unless they are a valued niche site, like a medical organization. Have any sites we should add to the list? Have any questions about how to claim a location, or what to do with it once it’s claimed? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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