Developing Facebook Content along with an engaged audience

  1. “Like” pages that fit target demographic and social influencers
  2. Share Posts, tag with “From @facebookname, …relevant comment” regarding post – questions are great here!
  3. Be genuine and conversational, talk to the audience not at them.
  4. Schedule online events; live discussions, QnA Sessions
  5. Post pictures & tag audience pictured – image appears in your timeline and in the timeline of the person tagged – their audience will see your post, too.
  6. Provide original expert content along with shared links, and always comment on a shared link in a personable manner.
  7. Make content easy to like – brief & relevant.  Occasional insightful quotes are easily and quickly “liked”
  8. Your content was shared?  Always thank the person that shared your information.
  9. Ask questions
  10. Posts must look legitimate.  If using automation be certain the post looks native to FB, Twitter hashtags # are a dead giveaway that your Facebook content is automated.

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